Friday, October 5, 2012

A Goose Creek Island Timeline - 1698 -1899

1698     Goose Creek Island is included in colonial Bath precincts.
1705     Pamtecough County is formed, which includes Goose Creek Island
1712     Pamtecough County renamed Beaufort County
1754     French and Indian War
1757     Craven County annexes the areas between Bay River and Jones Bay.
             Goose Creek Island remains part of Beaufort County.
1769     Hurricane! Colonial Capitol of New Bern almost completely destroyed.
1775     American Revolution, lasts until 1783. Several Campen's and Watson's
             are listed as members of the Beaufort Regiment of Militia in 1781
1783     Francis Jones purchases land between Bay River and Great Bay,
             beginning at a pine tree at Drum Creek
1812     War of 1812 - lasts until 1814
1823     Elder Green Carawan of Hyde County organizes the Goose Creek Island
             Primitive Baptist Church
1828     U.S. Coast Guard erects a light tower at Pamlico Point
1841     A Disciple's of Christ Church is established at Jones Bay
1846     Hurricane "A remarkable surge of water, driven by continuous northeast 
             winds, pushed far into the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, flooding rivers
             and creeks for miles inland."
1850     Census shows approximately 80 dwellings in the Goose Creek Precinct
1850's   Albin Williamson is operating a general store 
1850     Richard Carawan sells to Malichi Potter, the Green Carawan family
1856     Goose Creek Island Post Office established in Lowland. James Potter
             first postmaster
1860's   Mouse Harbor ditch is dug
1861     Civil War.  Several Goose Creek Island residents serve with both
             Conferderate and Union forces. War lasts until 1865
1872     Pamlico County is a new county but its boundary lines does not include
             Goose Creek Island
1874     Citizens of Goose Creek Island vote to become part of the new Pamlico
1875     Nathanial Potter, B. Lewis, W.T. Emory appointed to serve on school
             committee for Township 4
1876     Benjamin Campen represents Goose Creek Island as a County
1876     Hurricane. Widespread flooding. Church at Swan Quarter floated to new
1880's   Farmer Alliances formed on Goose Creek Island
1884     Stanley Watson is operating a general store in the Piney Woods area
1885     Robinson Campen is County Commissioner
1885     Jesse Daniels, Joseph Alcock, Emory Daniels, Nathanial Potter, Joshua
             Spain and James Potter represent Goose Creek Island on the County
             School Commitee
1886     Wiley Mayo named first postmaster for Hobucken Post Office
1891     Pamlico Point screwpile light erected at Gull Shoals after original light
             tower on point ruined
1892     Goose Creek Island Post Office name changed to Lowland
1895     Hobucken United Methodist Church organized. Joella Sadler first member
1897     Bernard's Chapel Methodist Church organized at Lowland
1898     Lowland Church of Christ organized
1898    Steamship Old Neuse runs aground near Pamlico Point Shoals and
            Mouse Harbor
1899    The "San Cicero Hurricane" ravages coast of North Carolina. 

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